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Opening hours:
Mon-Sat 11-22 hrs
Sun closed

Waaggasse 2-6
90403 Nuremberg
Tel 0911 47778585

Hau nei

(Food Card)

We are proud of our Franconian craftsmen and our culinary traditions. Come and try what they have to offer.

Knoblauchsländer Gemüseacker
Salad of sweet & sour marinated vegetables with herb pesto, creamy goat cheese and nuts (cold dish)
16,90 €

Nürnberger Bratwürste
Roasted sausages with cabbage, mustard and bread
as „Saure Zipfel“, boiled in a wine-onion stock served with bread
6 pieces 10,90 €
9 pieces 15,90 €
12 pieces 21,00 €
additionally with freshly grated horseradish 1,00 €

Roasted pork shoulder with darkbeer gravy,
potato dumpling
19,40 €

Geschmorte Ochsenbäckchen
Braised ox cheek with backed potatoes and Franconian coleslaw
24,50 €

with caramelized butter, alpine cheese and fresh herbs
16,90 €

Side Dishes:
for the main courses we recommend:
savoury sauerkraut 3,50 €
Franconia apple red cabbage 4,00 €
small salad with honey-mustard dressing 5,50 €

“Brotzeit” and a “richtig gud´s Veschber”
go hand in hand
“like bread and butter”
Breaking bread together over savory foods such as
sausage, cheese and pickled vegetables is a standard
for any Franconian.
With this menu we encourage you to choose your
own “Gudzerla” (small plates) warm and cold to create
your very own “gud´s Verschber”.
For those who come hungry we reccomend 3 to 4 “Gudzerla” per person. Fresh baked Sourdough and oven crusted bread are of course included!

Cold Plates

Regional vegetables pickled in apple-cider vinegar and candied black walnut
7,20 €

Cured char tartar with creme fraiche, lemon and fresh herbs
9,50 €

Hometown cheese, marinaded in mustard-vinegar and oil with onion
7,80 €

Stadtwurst mit Musik
Hometown sausage, marinaded in mustard-vinegar and oil with onion
7,80 €

2 different kind of spread (for bread)
5,20 €

Warm Plates

krokettes of pork shoulder with garlic cream dip, herb salsa and pickled onions
8,80 €

Ziegenkäse Speck
Bacon-wrapped goat cheese with an orange-vanilla reduction
8,80 €

Creamy Camembert cheese gratinéed with hazelnuts and red currant
9,10 €


Sourdough bread and oven crusted bread
small 3,20 € / large 5,50 €
Brezel 1,80 €

They eat what comes on the table. And what that is, the season decides, our culinary craftsmen and last but not the least our chefs.
Our weekly menu you will find soon on facebook:

Alles vom Rhabarber
mousse, gelee, sorbet and a crisp of rhubarb
12,80 €

baked apple rings in beer dough, served with sugar & cinnamon and vanilla icecream
10,50 €

Cakes on display
(if Harald hasn’t eaten everything yet.. :))
starting at 4,50 €

Selection from our beverage list

Water from Lammsbräu from Neumarkt, juices from Prezfeld, lemonade from brewery Veldensteiner from Neuhaus, coffee from Rösttrommel Nuremberg, tea from the neighbourhood (Madlon Scharff)



Our homemade beer
0,5l | 4,80 €

Brewery Schanzenbräu Nuremberg
0,5l | 4,80 €

Kapuziner, Kulmbach
0,5l | 4,80 €

different breweries from franconia



Winery Weltner, Rödelsee
0,2l | 6,50 €

Cabernet Dorsa
Werbert Düll, Ipsheim
0,2l | 6,50 €

Winery Brennfeck, Sulzfeld
0,75l | 36,00 €

BLAUER SYLVANER – Louisenberg –
Winery Schloss Frankenberg, Weigheim
0,75l | 49,00 €

C.A.B. – Katzenkopf –
Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc
Winzer Sommerach
0,75l | 39,00 €

alle kommen zusammen bei einfachen marktfrischen fränkischen Speisen und frisch gezapftem Bier.
ie Wirtschaft Nürnberg - Stammkneipe von Albrecht Dürer - Essen und Trinken auf historischem Grund.